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Abrasive Leader Transformation

Abrasive leaders are not bad people. They simply don’t recognize that their behavior is negatively impacting others.

Abrasive Workplace Behavior 

There are leaders and managers in most organizations who become known for their abrasive behavior. They may lose their tempers and lash out at others or perhaps make unreasonable demands. These leaders seem to be wired to misinterpret routine interactions with others as personal threats to their power or success.

Abrasive executives are often star performers and think they are acting in the best interest of their organizations. They simply fail to understand that their behavior is disrupting the organization and creating a barrier to their own success and damaging their relationships.

Executive Leadership Coaching Can Help

The good news is that abrasive executives are coachable because their behavior is almost always situational. When made aware of how they are affecting others, abrasive executives are willing to trade their aggressive approach for a more productive management style.

Frank employs a multi-step process that includes confidential interviews with the people surrounding the abrasive executive and role-playing with the abrasive executive. This comprehensive approach to change helps these executives to develop empathy and alternative behaviors that improve their relationships with their peers and other employees. An investment in coaching can help companies restore civility, avoid costly turnover, and possibly even prevent litigation.