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Executive Leadership Coaching

Leaders carry the potential to be legends.  Develop as a resilient, relationship-driven leader with the knowledge, skills and inspiration you need to guide teams to greatness.

Overcome Resistance to Change

The pace of innovation is a key performance indicator in today’s hyper competitive, global marketplace. Companies simply cannot afford leaders who feel forced to operate at half-speed. Unfortunately, leaders often encounter a wall of resistance to change from the very people tasked with implementing their vision. Understandably, these leaders can feel isolated and frustrated by these roadblocks.

Guide Your Company to Greatness

Frank counsels leaders on communicating effectively to win the trust and support of their teams. Leaders learn how to build and sustain relationships and cultivate collaborative work environments that minimize push back and motivate people to embrace change. The result is a leader who can guide a company to greatness.

Navigating Career Transitions

Whether changing jobs within a company or taking a position with a new organization, it is imperative that an individual understands how to succeed in a different environment.

It comes as a surprise to many people that the behaviors that worked in the past will not work in a new position. Subject matter expertise and technical skills are a given. What matters is building effective relationships and adapting new behaviors that will lead to success in the job.

Coaching helps the individual become more aware of behaviors that can sabotage her new position within her company or at a different company over the lifetime of a career.

Leadership coaching is intended to bring an executive’s actions in line with what constitutes success in the company.

Frank also accepts a select number of clients who are seeking their next job with another organization.

The scope of a client coaching engagement includes:

  • Establishing goals for the coaching experience
  • Conducting assessments using tools such as Myers-Briggs and Emotional IQ to understand the client’s natural behavior and aptitudes
  • Providing input to an action plan the client writes with benchmarks to be met over the course of the engagement
  • Sharing the plan with appropriate stakeholders
  • Giving feedback to the client and stakeholders over the course of the engagement
  • Periodic follow-ups and adjusting the plan, when necessary

The Timeframe

Frank can coach a client until she has a new role. This timeframe can be adjusted based on individual circumstances. Frank facilitates the coaching, both in-person, by phone or online.

E-coaching is becoming more the norm, as it is often difficult to arrange a time and place for face-to-face coaching for busy executives.

A coaching assignment can be a combination of in-person, online and by phone. Whatever it takes to make the coaching possible and successful.

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