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What made the decision for me to engage Frank as my coach was the connections he made between the objective personality assessment and the subjective stakeholder interviews.  As someone who likes facts and data, I valued his skill in making the two sets of findings come to life, telling a story that identified areas where coaching would be most beneficial. Together we delved into the ‘why’ and then the ‘impact,’ which helped me think differently about how I worked with others and how they perceived me.  I made changes that still “stick” today, and I have an arsenal of tools to access. I appreciated his caring and kind style, as well his honest approach.

Senior Leader
financial data and media company

Frank and I have developed an important and close relationship, based upon openness and integrity.  I am direct and so is he.  There is little that passes between us that doesn’t register some thought about how my behavior and style matter vis-à-vis what I want to accomplish in my senior technology leadership role.  What I appreciate most is Frank’s combination of coaching and leadership competencies with his business leadership experience.  As a result, he is able to provide me with insights and considerations quickly so that I too can adapt and see results.

significant non-profit supporting consumers

Frank and I developed a close relationship that went beyond coaching to help me understand how to relate to colleagues in a more productive way, and, more importantly, how to build a viable and satisfying relationship with a leader who has a more abrupt approach.  Frank’s style allowed me to express what I felt was at the heart of my relationship with the leader, and he gave me not just useful behavioral alternatives, but also thoughts and guidance on how to know where and when to assert my rightful role.  Balancing the practical with the emotional is one of Frank’s many strengths.  I found his use of assessments was an excellent underpinning for getting to my coaching goals.  I feel confident recommending him to anyone, particularly senior leaders.

Chief nursing officer
New York City hospital

I cherish my time working with Frank Faeth.  Frank has a keen understanding of how corporate environments function and can bring out the best and worst in their number one asset, their employees.  His insights and techniques for improvement and success are personal and rooted in real-life experiences, and that allowed me to ultimately achieve a better professional / personal life balance, and to persevere in both realms.  I highly recommend Frank Faeth.

Music rights
senior leader

Frank and I began our coaching engagement as client and coach, but ended with a closer relationship.  He helped me determine how and why I wanted to progress in my organization, at which I was already at a high level.  Frank accomplished this by applying a view that looked at what motivates me, along with how others viewed me.  These two perspectives were critical to my getting to my next step.  He was clear in saying I was moving from a set of IQ skills to those based more on EQ (emotional intelligence) and that meant I had to take practical steps at influencing others and asserting my organizational role.  In the end, I did end-up with more responsibility and a larger job.  I enjoyed working with him immensely.  He made a big difference.

Financial executive

Frank Faeth is an outstanding executive coach.  His coaching style is practical and experience-led, yet tailored to individual challenges.  Further, his approach empowers the individual to grow in their own space through critical examination of opportunity and action.   My own development with Frank’s coaching has seen me push through boundaries that I felt were insurmountable prior to our engagement.

Global technology infrastructure executive

I have been very fortunate to have Frank as my executive coach for the last nine months. With my career at an inflexion point, he gave me the tools to navigate a period of change.

Most people at my level have the relevant domain expertise or IQ to get to where they are. However, working with Frank, I have learned the importance of emotional intelligence or EQ, which is critical ingredient to take your career to the next level.

Frank has helped me manage complex issues by acting as a sounding board, asking me tough questions and providing candid and unvarnished feedback. Which has ultimately given me the tools and the confidence to deal with the unexpected.

His perceptive and affable demeanor has helped build a trusting relationship that makes me feel that he is a stakeholder in my success.

Head of Products
one of the largest global providers of investment research

I strongly recommend Frank Faeth. I have had other Dev/Coach types that I thought were very hand-wavy, deep in some psycho-behavioral assessment convention (sold themselves). Really liked Frank, great empathy, very kind demeanor, and sincere interest in what he does.

Executive recruiter
technology field


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