Executive Coaching Process

Every client is different. As such, each client requires a unique coaching approach. However, some aspects of coaching are fundamental. Following is the process that I apply to each coaching engagement:

  • Align client and stakeholder objectives to ensure consistency
  • Establish trust between the client and coach
  • Conduct assessments using tools such as Myers-Briggs, Emotional IQ, 360 and Gallup’s StrengthsFinder to understand the client’s natural behaviors and aptitudes
  • Converse weekly with the client to understand objectives better and identify solution approaches
  • Provide input to an action plan the client writes with objectives to be met over the course of the engagement and beyond
  • Share the plan with appropriate stakeholders
  • Give feedback to the client and stakeholders (as allowed under the confidentiality agreement with the client) over the course of the engagement
  • Conduct periodic follow-up and adjust the plan, when necessary