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Core Principles of Faeth Executive Leadership Coaching

There’s nothing I enjoy more than coaching executives and it shows. Clients tell me that I am generous, honest, clear, kind, fact-based and approachable. Most importantly, they want to work with me again. I bring a deep sense of integrity to every client relationship.

Below are the core principles that guide my approach to coaching.

Coaching sessions are completely confidential. It’s important that executives feel free to be forthcoming with information without worrying about jeopardizing their employment. Both the organization and the individual benefit when a coaching relationship is built on trust.

I firmly believe all executives hold the keys to their own success. I don’t impose my views onto my clients. I empower them with the information and support they need to discover the best course of action based on their unique qualities and aspirations. As a result, clients have the capacity to solve problems on their own after the coaching engagement has ended.

I am a champion for each and every client. I know my clients are infinitely capable of reaching their highest potential, and I am dedicated to helping them discover the personal insights that will reveal pathways to their peak performance. My confidence in them helps them find confidence in themselves.

I make a point of embodying the principles that I feel will help my clients succeed in business. Compassionate leadership, active listening, and clear communication underpin my approach to engaging with my clients. These traits lead to positive relationships that result in business success.

Executives operate at their best when their work is aligned with their values, their abilities and the expectations of their managers and co-workers. In other words, happiness is essential. The overall well-being of my clients is an important point of focus.

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