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Executive Presence
Workplace cultures are living breathing organisms that adhere to unwritten rules. They have a vibe, a way of being.  As an executive coach, one of the biggest mistakes I see leaders make when taking on a new role is crashing into a culture. They think and act like they know what everyone needs, but they don’t...
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The Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) movement is instilling a sense of urgency in forward-thinking enterprises to show their stakeholders — Wall Street, customers and employees — how fast they can do the right thing. For businesses looking to lead on ESG, leadership development can give them an edge. What is character? Funny enough,...
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I was asked by a non-profit to speak about ‘executive presence.’  Beyond thinking it was about how good one looks and how well one projects, akin to stage presence, I knew little, so I did some research and learned a lot. My favorite definition was:  “Executive presence is an authentic quality that builds trust in...
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