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In-person, Virtual or Hybrid Executive Coaching?

If you are like most leaders, these past months have been difficult. Back-to-back virtual meetings have burned leaders out and ignited an inferno of introspection. Questions are ensuing: What do I want and why? Am I happy?  What is important?

As leaders grapple with these questions, they are also asking: How do I want to experience leadership coaching? Do you want to get back to face-to-face? Do you prefer online only? Or, is a hybrid approach optimal? It’s important to consider how the executive coaching process itself is affected by the answers.

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Face-to-face meetings tell the coach a story that helps the client

As an executive coach, I can attest that seeing a client in person is an important source of information. Body language tells a story about the client’s state of mind. You also know you have the complete attention of clients, as they are fully invested in the work at hand. Face-to-face meetings often lead to conversations with more depth and variety.

Remote coaching facilitates on-the-fly flexibility and collaboration

However, the convenience of remote coaching cannot be understated for busy executives who often need to change their schedules on the fly. Also, coaches and clients can now collaborate on documents in real-time, increasing the productivity of meetings.

I think most coaches and clients would agree that a hybrid approach might be the best of both worlds. Coaches and clients need to work together to develop a plan and approach that is practical for leaders while also honoring the integrity of the executive leadership coaching process.

Which do you prefer? In-person, remote or hybrid?