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Social Sciences
I had the good fortune of hearing Daniel Goleman and Dan Siegel speak at a recent Institute of Coaching Professional Association conference in Boston.  Mr. Goleman popularized emotional intelligence for managers and Dan Siegel, MD, is a professor of psychiatry at UCLA’s School of Medicine.  Both of them talked about the brain, and I wanted...
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cycle of renewal
One of my coaching engagements has led me to learn a theory which is known to many but is new to me.  It is The Cycle of Renewal and was developed by the Hudson Institute.  Renewal is the reverse of burnout.  It is about deliberate rehabilitation for finding what you want to achieve because it...
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I came upon a new blog entirely by accident.  Normally I scan blogs and never view them again.  But this one was different.  It’s entitled Treasury Cafe and is written by David Waltz.  He has many important things to say and his style is simple and straightforward, which I think all lessons should be. His...
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