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Daniel Goleman
I have the pleasure of knowing Fred Kiel, founder of the international coaching and leadership firm KRW.  Fred is well-known for his books on Moral Intelligence.  Just recently he presented at TEDxBGI, during which he showed that leadership character demonstrably leads to higher financial returns.  Moreover, he gave us clear criteria for what constitutes character...
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Coaching Perfectionists
Coaching Perfectionists Several years ago I wrote about what I learned from Daniel Goleman (who famously relates emotional intelligence with an ability to lead) and Dan Siegel, MD, when I attended Harvard’s Institute of Coaching Professional Association conference.  I went on to tell you about some other news for coaches from Harvard’s Medical School, specifically coaching perfectionists, from...
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I had the good fortune of hearing Daniel Goleman and Dan Siegel speak at a recent Institute of Coaching Professional Association conference in Boston.  Mr. Goleman popularized emotional intelligence for managers and Dan Siegel, MD, is a professor of psychiatry at UCLA’s School of Medicine.  Both of them talked about the brain, and I wanted...
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