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Chief information officer
Many months ago I quoted IBM and McKinsey when I wrote about the influence personal behavior has on IT project success and direction.  Recalling those two quotes: According to an IBM study, only 40% of projects meet schedule, budget and quality goals.  Further, they found that the biggest barriers to success are people factors. McKinsey...
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CIO Leadership
Used to be that everyone thought the CIO was prey for the CFO.  But times have fortunately changed, with more collegial and valuable relationships being established between the two roles. In “So, You’re the Boss of the CIO.  Now What?” of March 1st in CFO.com, the author cites results of  a LinkedIn survey that asked...
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What a breath of fresh air in “IT Careers:  Do You Need an Executive Coach?” by Mary Pratt in the July 26th issue of CIO.com.  Clearly, the answer is yes; everyone needs a coach (see video of Eric Schmidt and a New Yorker article by surgeon Atul Gawande).  In fact, Ms. Pratt’s article begins with...
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